Myra Bresnahan and friends of The Shade Tree Project

Myra Bresnahan – The Shade Tree Project

Date grant awarded: 10/22/2017

The Shade Tree Project, founded by Myra Bresnahan, works to empower Mozambicans living with albinism through improved health, economics and education.

The Shade Tree Project has developed a broad spectrum 30 SPF all-natural sunscreen using fair-trade ingredients sustainability sourced in Africa, which will be produced in Mozambique by people with albinism. There are extremely high rates of skin cancer in the albinism communities (85% will die before the age of 40 in the region), but sunscreen is difficult to find and expensive.

With their partner organizations Amor A Vida Association of Mozambicans with albinism and the Provincial Health Department, the Shade Tree Project will distribute the sunscreen for free, as well as spearhead a comprehensive educational campaign for and about people living with albinism to help mitigate health problems, prejudice and stigmatization.