Munira Twahir - Wazi by Ari

Munira Twahir – Wazi by Ari

Date grant awarded: 03/10/2018

The “Wazi by Ari” project aims to celebrate womanhood by providing sexual reproductive health education to adolescent girls in shanties around Nairobi, Kenya. As well as provide easy accessibility to sanitary pads through sanitary pad dispenser called Ari. Currently, 67% of women in their reproductive age have absolutely no access to sanitary pads in Kenya. Of the 33% access is limited to traditional distribution and packaging. Furthermore, sex and reproduction health is not talked about. The culture is to shy away as the girl is deemed dirty at that time of the month. Because of this adolescence girls rely on inaccurate information to form perceptions of their body. In addition, lack of access to sanitary pads and information create a resentment to be a woman, it is seen as a curse. Wazi by Ari changes this narrative by offering a “Big sister approach” where we do not judge or discriminate.