Conducted school programme to reduce child labours and retention in schools

Mr. Dipankar Mitra and Ms. Samita Goswami – Women Empowerment through Livelihood Support

Women Empowerment through Livelihood Support aims to empower untrained, unemployed, and illiterate women to be empowered and lead dignified and economically empowered lives. Twenty unemployed slum women will receive trainings on soft toys, leading to employment and self-reliance through production and marketing.

The women beneficiaries are unemployed and searching any income opportunities, which would be home based. They belong to Muslim and other underserved communities, which experience increased levels of illiteracy and social discrimination. These families – who are often led by parents who are illiterate, fail to send children to schools, however expect earnings from them. As a result, child labor and criminal behavior are on the rise. Project leaders, Mr. Dipankar Mitra and Ms. Samita Goswami, share that finding income opportunities will lead to positively shifting and changing the environment. “In the last eight years, we have been engaged with these people to build their social development through different activities. We have prepared a small baseline on them. Most of them wish to start earning to develop their families. We wish to organize 20 poor unemployed slum women for employment and self-reliance through production and marketing of soft toys on income security.”

The very nature of this soft toys making livelihood initiative is innovative as it focuses on a trade which has a steady market. People’s Participation is very involved in the project and has definite plans of continuing this initiative after the completion of the project by integrating the initiative in linking with the local traders/suppliers and online businessmen.