monica brown, lavender & neroli

Monica Brown, Lavender and Neroli

Monica Brown was hooked from the moment she first started using environmentally-friendly and non-toxic beauty products. Despite the improved health and wellness these green cosmetics promoted though, Monica found that the emerging green beauty movement was leaving women of color largely out of the picture. To help make green cosmetics more accessible to women of color, she started her own line of custom tailored cosmetics, Lavender and Neroli.

[Women of color] are not a part of the conversation around chemicals being linked to cancer and other autoimmune deficiencies, nor are we marketed to by the largely white wealthy women’s movement that is trailblazing green beauty,” she says. Lavender and Neroli aims to change this trend by educating women of color about green cosmetics, and tailoring affordable subscription boxes of green beauty products to suit each person’s individual skin and body needs.

Monica has received a pay it forward loan from the Pollination Project to help launch her endeavor. You can learn more about Lavender and Neroli on their Facebook and Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  July 9, 2014