Michelle Raygoza - Power 4 Periods

Michelle Raygoza, Yalett Reveles, Josh Rezabala, & advisor, Kelsey Simpson – Power 4 Periods

Power 4 Periods (@power4periods) is a club at Downey High School in Downey, CA that is dedicated to normalizing menstruation and providing menstrual products to any student in need. Their club consists of about 15 high school students – grades 9th through 12th – and started as a project in Ms. Simpson’s English 11 class. They were challenged to present a project that would address a major problem in our society and tjeu wanted to discuss pink tax and the taboo around menstrual cycles.

This project evolved into a club that is now recognized school-wide. They hold an annual feminine care drive to gather products for local homeless women in their community. With Pollination Project funds, they are working to create feminine care kits for each of their classrooms on campus and they hope to spread those kits into the middle schools in their district.