Michelle Hardy-Rodriguez - My Scars Are Beautiful

Michelle Hardy-Rodriguez, Joseph Rodriguez – My Scars Are Beautiful

Date grant awarded: 08/06/2017

My Scars Are Beautiful is a non-profit organization located in Las Vegas, Nevada founded by Michelle Hardy who suffered third degree burns to her upper extremities in a car accident. The organization is dedicated to providing inspiration, support, and sustainability to individuals who have been physically and emotionally scarred from traumatic experiences.

A continuum of support and healing services are offered to anyone that has experienced a traumatic episode through their programs, projects, and activities that consist of counseling, art therapy, social events, psychological workshops, peer support groups, massage therapy, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery needs. This project has helped to rebuild self-esteem, confidence, and camaraderie for those on their journey of physical and emotional recovery while also teaching society to have compassion for others that have beautiful scars.