Mercy Kananu Mungania, Miomponi Tree Planting Project

In recent years, deforestation has become quite prevalent near Kiagu Forest in Miomponi, Kenya, causing a reduction in tree cover and concerns of desertification. This unfortunate trend has lead social worker, Mercy Kananu Mungania, to design a plan to reverse its effects through widespread community education that addresses promoting new trees and conserving existing forests. The Miomponi Tree Planting Project seeks to restore the degraded forests and nurture tree planting culture among the society by providing farms, local farmers and schools with seedlings to fill the empty space. It is Mercy’s hope that this project will help in reducing the carbon footprint left behind by this community.

With a seed grant from The Pollination Project, Mercy will be able to facilitate trainings about tree planting and tree nurseries. Her work is dedicated to target the individuals who were part of the deforestation in order to educate and equip them with the skills to solve the problem. Furthermore, she wants to promote the full cycle of tree recovery by planting 200,000 varying species. Indigenous trees will be crucial in the reforestation process, fruit trees will resist drought and will provide food and income to the families and trees with elevated nitrogen-fixing characteristics will provide building material, soil fertility, increased agricultural production and a reduction on inorganic fertilizers.

“Prevention of further damage is not enough, but an urgent need to embark on massive all inclusive environmental restoration programs.”