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Meochia Clayton, Cruising with Autism, Inc.

Meochia Clayton is the founder and Executive Director of Cruising with Autism, Inc., a non-profit organization in Jasonville, Florida, that aims to enrich the lives of under-served teens and young adults living with autism.

Although resources and special services for children with autism have been gaining a foothold in the US over the past decade, there are very few programs and recreational activities that accommodate teenagers and young adults with autism. After years of struggling to find resources for her own teenage son, Meochia believes that this lack of services is tied to the fact that very few families impacted by autism travel due to financial constraints and the fear of discrimination.

Through her organization, Cruising with Autism, Meochia provides families with travel opportunities that allow them to travel to new places, thereby enriching their lives and exposing the public to the diversity of the autistic community. In addition to travel opportunities, Meochia supports families in Jacksonville by organizing social gatherings, family information sessions, and promoting autism awareness at local events.

For more information, please follow Cruising with Autism on their website,  Instagram, or Facebook page.

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