Melissa Reinberg giving an award

Melissa Reinberg – Negotiation Works

Women who are homeless, recently released from prison, or living in domestic violence shelters routinely engage in critical and complex negotiations to seek steady employment, a safe place to live, and access to needed services. However, they too often lack the conflict resolution skills necessary to deal effectively with all the challenges they face as they endeavor to get their lives back in order. Melissa Reinberg, a lawyer, mediator, and educator, founded Negotiation Works to provide negotiation skills training to these under-served populations in the Washington, DC area.

Staff and volunteer instructors lead the interactive classes, using games, activities, and role play simulations to engage the participants and to give them opportunities to practice the skills. The women learn negotiation techniques and strategies they can use to resolve everyday situations more effectively, enhance interpersonal relationships, and achieve personal and economic stability. This grant will be used to support the design and dissemination of course materials.