Melanie Jacobs - Rooster Redemption Barn Build

Melanie Jacobs – Rooster Redemption Barn Build

Rooster Redemption is a microsanctuary located in Center City, Minnesota, founded by Melanie and Mark Jacobs. Their mission is to create awareness about how intelligent and valuable roosters are, as individuals deserving love and respect. Roosters are viewed as one of the most “disposable” animals because they do not lay eggs, many cities prohibit them, and their natural behaviors are often misunderstood as aggressive. For every egg-laying hen, there is an abandoned or dead rooster.

Rooster Redemption rescues male chickens from a variety of situations from cockfighting rings to school classroom hatching projects to being dumped on the streets once they start crowing. This specific project consists of building individual insulated coops and runs inside the barn to keep roosters warm in the winter months. Having safe homes for the roosters is of utmost importance and allows more roosters to be rescued over the coming years.

Rooster Redemption will continue educating through social media, speaking engagements, and tours, with the goal of smashing the stigma put upon roosters.