Melanie Faranello - Poetry on the Streets

Melanie Faranello – Poetry on the Streets

Poetry on the Streets is an interactive exhibit created by Melanie Faranello, designed to engage pedestrians in writing and painting an original poem based on a word chosen from a “jar of emotions”. Set-up in various public locations around Hartford, Connecticut such as parks, street corners, and bus stops, Poetry on the Streets consists of a manual blue typewriter, paper, pens, and paints. As people pass by, they are encouraged to stop, write a poem, connect, express, and share their work for others to read.

The mission of Poetry on the Streets is to engage people from all walks of life, backgrounds, ages, abilities, classes, and ethnicities in creative expression, and through our diversity witness our commonality. It aims to provide the mental and emotional benefits of creative expression as well as to connect us and highlight the common human experience we all share. A public gallery show will be held showcasing the people’s painted poetry alongside their quotes and photographs.