Meg Taylor, Cooking Corps At Cena Sin Pistolas

In a world of barriers, increasing isolation and fast food, long-time caterer Meg Taylor feels that preparing and sharing meals is the answer to revitalizing community.

In her words, “Food and its culture are a gateway to being less afraid of each other.”

In an effort to build connection and empathy in her community, Meg is starting Cooking Corps, a weekly vegan dinner cooked and shared among neighbors at Cena Sin Pistolas, or Dinner Not Guns, a space in Los Angeles, Calif. that has served as a safe place for local activists and artists to meet.

“Cooking Corps asks cooks of very diverse backgrounds to adapt their traditions to plant-based ingredients, and to come together to share a fundamental part of themselves – the culture and joy behind the way we fuel our bodies and get our life energy – in an environment of empathy and mutual aid,” Meg said.

In an effort to encourage the sharing of recipes and food traditions, a volunteer will document the preparation of the meal and post the recipe on Tumblr, a microblogging and social networking site.

The Pollination Project’s grant will go toward supplies to jump start the project.