Mbabazi Justus – KAPA Passion Fruit Growing Project

Date grant awarded: August 25, 2018

Kirima Agricultural Produce Association (KAPA) is a group of 10 households (wife and husband) numbering 20 members in total. They work together to produce food and basic necessities for themselves and their families. This group started as a saving scheme where members brought their resources together to pool some money, which has helped them to buy land and put up a passion fruit seedbed. The group members decided to start a passion fruit project with an aim of increasing income for each household. Passion fruits are also marketable and profitable. In addition to their profitability, passion fruits are very rich in vitamins which boost the immunity of children.

This project is not only meeting immediate needs, but is also designed to be a big model project in the district and we expect other households to learn from it.