Maya Lin-Bronner - Constructing Queer Bodies And Gender In Art

Maya Lin-Bronner, Constructing Queer Bodies And Gender In Art

Date grant awarded: 3/2/2017

In collaboration with Gender Illumination, a queer education and advocacy group, Maya Lin-Bronner presents “Constructing Queer Bodies and Gender in Art,” a workshop held in the Bay Area.

It’s not always the case that non-cisgender and gender non-conforming people can come to talk candidly about the way they feel about their bodies and how they are or should be represented. This project aims to create a safer space bringing young people together—specifically those who are trans and genderqueer/non-conforming/questioning—to engage in a conversation about the representation of their bodies as well as how they might represent themselves in various art forms translating that conversation into a collective zine (multi-media or traditional) that participants can take with them to keep and share with the world beyond.