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Maya and Asia Rinehart, the Tanjung Harapan Orangutan Sanctuary

Maya and Asia Rinehart are working in Kalimantan, Indonesia to protect orangutan habitat from destruction.

In recent decades, orangutan habitats in the rainforests of Indonesia have been devastated by the construction of massive palm oil plantations. Many locals take jobs on palm oil plantations to support their families, but the resulting deforestation has destroyed valuable forest resources. These processes have forced orangutans to raid plantations for food while driving many locals to kill or sell the endangered animals on the black market.

Working in collaboration with The Friends for National Parks Foundation (FNPF) and concerned villagers, Maya and her sister Asia founded GlobalSense, an organization established to enable them to build sustainable ways to protect the earth and will support local residents in the establishment of the Tanjung Harapan Orangutan Sanctuary on over 50 hectares of land near Kalimantan. Over the next 12 months, FNPF will help villagers secure legal title to the land in order to protect it from development by corrupt government officials and palm oil corporations.

The Sanctuary will provide a safe haven for endangered orangutans and proboscis monkeys and will eventually serve as a site for the installation a research center equipped with renewable energy resources. Additionally, throughout the project, villagers will be trained in sustainable agro-forestry techniques. The Grant from the Pollination Project will  help to build a marketplace to create an income flow to support the orangutan sanctuary, and the first product they will produce will be Indonesian coffee. .

To learn more about the Tanjung Harapan Orangutan Sanctuary, visit GlobalSense on their website, Facebook, Instagram, and follow them on Twitter.

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