Matthew Garboden, Ezra Holbrook and Bunker Collective, Use Music

Matthew Garboden, Ezra Holbrook, Use Music, PDX

UseMusic is an easy-to-use website that streamlines charitable giving for musicians by allowing them to pledge all of the proceeds from the sale a song to a charity of their choice.

The Portland, Oregon-based Use Music team includes Ezra Holbrook (Musician), Matthew Garboden (CPA) and Bunker Collective, a Portland design and development firm operated by Nathanael Merrill, Drew Dunn and Mark Wyner.  When the site launches in August, a musician can search a large non-profit database, choose a registered charitable organization, upload a song and use existing social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to engage and encourage their fans to participate in the fundraising.  At the end of each fundraising campaign, we will remit the sale proceeds to the selected charity.

Pollination Project funds will be used for a promotional video and other promotional posters and materials to support the website launch in August.

Hear more about Use Music on the Artclectic PDX podcast.