Masida Hastings Ziba

Masida Hastings Ziba and STRADE – Youth Skills Development as a Tool to Minimize Unemployment

Date grant awarded: June 26, 2018

“Youth Skills Development as a Tool to Minimize Land Pollution Unemployment” in Rumphi District, Malawi, is a project founded by Masida Hastings Ziba under a community-based organization called “Stimulus for Transformative Development” (STRADE). Through the project, Youth Entrepreneurship Groups (YEGs) will be formed and trained by a skilled tailor on how to make cotton bags with the support of group leaders. The YEGs will be provided with sewing machines and start-up sewing materials such as cotton cloth and threads.

The YEGs will form their governance committees and elect leaders. They will be making cotton bags and selling them. The YEGs will share 60% of the revenue from the sales of the cotton bags to uplift their livelihoods. 40% of the revenue will go to a group fund, which will enable them to continue producing cotton bags beyond the timeframe of this project. Through this project, the environment will be free from poor disposal of plastic garbage, which will lead to a clean environment and prevent unnecessary outbreaks of waterborne diseases during the rainy season.