Maryam Henein, Honey Colony

HoneyColony was created by Maryam Henein, Director of the acclaimed documentary, Vanishing of the Bees.  Born out of the innate wisdom of bees, HoneyColony is an online magazine, interconnected to social media to empower and help people on their journey to health. It offers investigative stories, tales of transformation and exceptional health and eco-friendly products.  Hive members receive well-sourced, unbiased information about our food supply, nutrition and environment.

HoneyColony has a panel of nutritional experts and a way to purchase superfoods,  nutritional supplements and eco-friendly products.  In the future, they hope to private-label products. HoneyColony does not use any corporate advertising and relies on the support of its members.  The Pollination Project provided a Pay it Forward Loan to HoneyColony to support initial website development costs.