Maria Maneos – Brush With the Law Re-Entry Arts

Date grant awarded: April 2, 2018

Grantee Name: Maria Maneos
Project Name: Brush With the Law Re-Entry Arts
Grant Location: Philadelphia, USA

Project Description: Brush with the Law (BWTL) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to help socially marginalized individuals reconnect with their community through collaborative and creative art projects throughout the metropolitan Philadelphia area. BWTL works together with the community and brings together college students and volunteers who want to work with and learn from socially marginalized populations such as the incarcerated, those on parole/probation, mental and behavioral health constituents, people struggling with drug addiction and/or in recovery, and the homeless. This project provides volunteers opportunities to work together on projects such as: murals in prisons, homeless shelters, public parks and spaces in low income neighborhoods, art exhibits that help illuminate and amplify the voices of these marginalized populations.