Our mothers after they finished the first product they learned how to do. They created their own bed sheets with their babies!

María del Mar Jaramillo – De Mujeres Para el Mundo

My name is María del Mar Jaramillo and I am the director and founder of Soy Oportunidad Foundation, a wonderful organization that has allowed me to take my dreams to places where I never thought I would go! Three years ago I decided to create this organization, because my life experience told me so! Like many women in Colombia, I became a mother when I was only 18 years old. Of course, it was not easy but with great courage and effort, as well as with the unconditional support of my family, boyfriend (who is now my husband) and friends, I managed to study, work, and live a normal life like any person at my my age. Today my son Matías is 9 years old and is the engine of my life !!

However, with this experience I understood that this same luck is not experienced by thousands of women in our country. I have always believed that we can all achieve what we set out to do, but we definitely need a boost to achieve it. It was my son precisely who motivated me to create Soy Oportunidad (I am Opportunity), an organization that supports the commitment and perseverance of young mothers in vulnerable situations, through training in jobs that allow them to start a sustainable business model, where they can generate decent income for their families, and above all, manage to continue taking care for their children.
Donations we can do all .. but the real impact is on creating the capacity of self-sustainability in a mother and her entire family !!

Today our work has paid off first! We have managed to train very poor women, that, just like me, became young mothers who want to improve their life and future. We have created programs in jobs such as clothing, bakery, confectionery, costume jewelery, creation of handmade candles, among others. Soon we will start courses in beauty, cooking, and more! We have achieved everything through partnerships with companies who have donated their space, their knowledge and time for these women to get ahead on their own. Today these women are already working and starting their own businesses.

We are thrilled to say that thanks to The Pollination Project, we will be able to open new free courses for our beneficiaries, invite more women to get involved in our programs, and help them to start their own businesses while they can stay at home taking care of their babies. My biggest dream is now becoming a reality and this is all because this amazing TPP team believed in me and in my beautiful project!! Thank you for being an Opportunity for us!!