Margaret Grafstein, Restorative Alignment Yoga Classes for La Casa de la Mujer

Over the last eight years Margaret Grafstein has spent a great deal of time in Oaxaca, Mexico. Many indigenous women in the community live in poverty, with limited access to local opportunities and experiences. Margaret’s project brings Restorative Alignment yoga classes to the women of La Casa de la Mujer, an organization dedicating their efforts to the support of equal and human rights for women and children living with violence.

Margaret’s goal is to help indigenous women use the skills and techniques learned in yoga to bring awareness to the physical and emotional spaces they inhabit in their bodies so they can learn to free themselves of muscular tensions and emotional loads such as tense contracted muscles and closed and hunched postures. In teaching the practices of restorative alignment yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation, she gives them the opportunity to explore the spaces of their own bodies and come into relationship with what lies there.

To learn more about, Margaret’s project, visit her on Instagram.

GRANT AWARD DATE: May 28, 2015