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Marcus Muendo, Promoting Conservation of the Environment in Kenya

Sixteen year old Marcus Muendo is working to promote environmental and public health in and around the rural community of Wamunyu, Kenya.

Over the past few years, the landscape surrounding his village has been decimated as the population expanded, placing additional burdens on environmental resources, resulting in wide-scale deforestation. Additionally, without access to electricity, students are often reliant upon either wood stoves or kerosene lamps, both of which are harmful to the environment and pose significant health hazards.

Through their project, Marcus and several of his peers will promote the reforestation of lost forest land and reduce air pollution by promoting clean energy technology in households. Throughout 2015, Marcus and his peers will establish a nursery to provide residents with reasonably-priced native fruit tree saplings for use in their campaign. Proceeds from the nursery will sustain the venture, as well as help to purchase solar lamps for the poorest students in the community.

Marcus plans to begin a community-wide education campaign by distributing brochures on environmental conservation to local schools and encouraging the formation of student environmental clubs.

We are proud to award Marcus with a Youth Environmental Grant provided through a partnership with Levi Strauss & Co.

2015 YOUTH ENVIRONMENTAL GRANT RECIPIENT in Partnership With Levi Strauss & Co.

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