Marcos Santos, coordinator of the Community Library Project of the Apicum Site.

Marcos E. M. Santos – Community Library of the Sitio do Apicum

The Community Library of the Sitio do Apicum will be held in the homonymous community, in the municipality of São José de Ribamar, Maranhão, Brazil, and aims to awaken the pleasure of reading among community members. Additionally, the library aims to promote literacy among children, young people and adults, allow discussion and transmission of scientific knowledge, prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia among the elderly, and contribute to building a critical community, aware of their rights and duties.

It was designed to combat the high rate of illiteracy among the residents of Sitio de Apicum, the lack of prospects for a better life – especially among young people who are content with rural life or indulge in crime – and the low number of people who enter into higher education. With the subsidy granted, textbooks, classical and contemporary literature will be acquired, which will compose the collection of the library.