Marc Juul, People’s Open Network

Marc Juul co-founded the People’s Open Network, a community-run, decentralized libre wireless Internet and local network in Oakland, California. “We believe in the creation of local internets and the cultivation of community-owned telecommunications networks in the interest of autonomy and grassroots community collaboration.” says Marc. People’s Open Network provides local residents with off-the-shelf wireless routers reprogrammed to run an open source operating system that connects them wirelessly to the rest of their community. Also, by allowing the opportunity to share of a portion of their internet connection with the rest of the local network, Marc focuses on creating resilient and sustainable alternatives to current Internet Service Providers.

The dream of the People’s Open Network is to empower and encourage individuals to become more than consumers of technology and information. Marc believes when “people own, operate and understanding their own network infrastructure, it will improve social justice locally and globally”. By giving more people access to better and cheaper communication tools while creating a platform for locally relevant and decentralized web applications, Marc aims to create a sense of local and global community. In addition to these strong community benefits, Marc is hopeful that, in the long run, they can run most of the network off-grid with solar power.

The funds from The Pollination Project will be used to purchase materials to continue the infrastructure build for the People’s Open Network. To learn more about Marc’s project, check out their website, and follow their progress on Twitter and Facebook.