Lynda Cozart handing out pamphlets

Lynda Cozart

Lynda Cozart has dedicated a tremendous amount of her life to animal protection causes both in volunteering and in her career. During the past few decades, she has worked for many non-profit organizations such as PCRM, Farm Sanctuary, FARM, Compassion Over Killing and HSUS. She has also volunteered for them as well as others including Vegan Outreach, The Humane League, Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, Mercy For Animals, Smash HLS, Sea Turtle Oversight Protection, and PETA.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lynda a few years ago when she moved to South Florida and immediately began helping at our Miami Beach Vegan Outreach table every Saturday night.  From setting up the table, buying supplies for it, training new volunteers, standing, and leafleting for four hours straight and enduring an hour ride there and back, she’s always amazed me with her energy and passion.

She has also leafleted at colleges, public transportation stations, concerts, parades, and humane society walks. She has participated in protests and demos against circuses, rodeos, hunting, marine animal captivity, fur retailers, vivisectors and their suppliers. In fact, on multiple occasions, she has driven five hours away to lobby or attend commission meetings to be a voice for the animals. Lynda epitomizes the Unsung Vegan Hero award with her tireless and selfless work on behalf of animals, sharing information passionately on the variety of ways that so many species are victimized and how they can be helped.

Tribute by Jennifer Mennuti, 2014 Unsung Vegan Hero Winner

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