Lukong Valerine Burinyuy – Supporting the Poor to Fight COVID-19 Spread in Douala Slums

The current COVID-19 is undoubtedly one of the most devastating crisis the entire world has faced since WW2, which is currently posing a huge threat to the human race and its activities all over the world. The most affected persons will be the most vulnerable and underprivileged groups of persons living in unhygienic communities and city slums. Medical units, civil society organizations, government agencies, youth groups, and individuals around the world are coming together with various ideas and actions to stop the spread of this virus and save mankind.

The situation is predicted to be worst in less developed countries – like Cameroon – and especially in its remote areas and city slums, where there is high congestion, poor hygiene, limited access to WASH services and medical services, and inadequate information to mitigate the spread. It is therefore necessary to put in more stringent preventive measures through awareness creation and support services to these underprivileged and vulnerable people to prevent the spread of this virus in these areas.

This project – Supporting the Poor to Fight COVID-19 Spread in Douala Slums – seeks to create more awareness on the current COVID-19 outbreak in city slums in Douala, Cameroon. We will print and paste posters with signs on visible walls in junctions and entrances to provide people with adequate information and step-by step preventive measure as indicated by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Center for Disease Control, and other world health institutions. We will also carry out online information sharing by creating WhatSapp groups and constantly updating information there to guide people on the different ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and how to handle new cases. We will distribute hand sanitizers, soaps, and flyers to households where they may paste them in positions where children and parents can access them to be reminded of social distancing, washing of hands, not touching eyes, mouth, nose, and more to mitigate the spread of this virus.

Activities will be carried out with strict respect of the guidelines set aside by the WHO to health workers and people working on the frontline to combat this virus. We will also be working with volunteers from the CBC health services and in collaboration with the rapid response team put in place by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation in the city of Douala.

The grant from The Pollination Project will help to boost the above said activities by providing the means to obtain and distribute hand sanitizers and soap to households, create awareness posters, and help transport volunteers to beneficiary homes. It is a huge contribution to this project and will go a long way to create lasting impact and save some lives during these difficult times.