Kate Luke

Little Oak Sanctuary – Planting Seeds of Compassion

Grantee Name: Little Oak Sanctuary
Project Name: Planting Seeds of Compassion
Grant Location: Canberra, AUSTRALIA

Funding Partner: AWFW

Project Description: Our project, Planting Seeds of Compassion, aims to produce an education program that taps into children’s natural sense of compassion for animals. Framed around empathy, and informed by our experience creating the Be-The-Change booklets, our project will tie in with the Australian school curriculum making it a valuable tool for schools. We will produce two series of booklets, for younger children and teens, supported by a website where students can subscribe, stay up-to-date, source data and be inspired.

The booklets will be engaging and thought-provoking, information will be delivered in a way that encourages thought seeking and provides empowerment for students to make decisions that align with their values of non violence and compassion.