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Lindy Wafula, the Village Food Basket

When Lindy Wafula was 14 years old, she lost her parents to HIV/AIDS and became her household’s sole provider. Lindy worked hard to provide for her family, taking odd jobs to earn income and struggling to put herself through school.

After graduating from university, Lindy dedicated herself to empowering other impoverished, female-headed households and orphans throughout Kenya. Her project, the Village Food Basket, is a service of Village Ventures Kenya that provides fresh vegetables and fruits to impoverished orphans and female-headed households in Busia County, Kenya.

Lindy has already leased five acres of unused arable land in Busia for the production of organic, indigenous vegetables. Over the next few months she will purchase essential materials while training local women how to grow organic produce.

The Village Food Basket will provide a constant supply of green indigenous vegetables that are highly nutritious such as amaranth, cow peas, spider plant, night shade, collards, and much more. The produce from the garden will be used to feed children at a nearby orphanage, as well as providing food and income for female-headed households.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  August 19, 2015

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