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Linda Rapp Nelson, Unsung Vegan Hero, 2016

Date grant awarded: October 1, 2016

By Bonnie Goodman, Vegans Rock Montana

I was introduced to Linda Rapp Nelson by Gary Lowenthal (another wonderful unsung hero!) at the Animal Rights Conference in 2012, and she has been a constant source of inspiration and support ever since. Linda helps animals every single day. She adopts rescued animals and fosters chickens and baby pigs for the Triangle Chance for All Microsanctuary – all while helping people to embrace a vegan lifestyle by leafletting, sharing short videos on college campuses, and writing little positive messages wherever she goes for the Vegan Chalk and Sticky Note Challenges. She’s also a fabulous baker and sells her gorgeous creations to raise funds for various vegan organizations.

Linda is so kind, helpful, and inspiring that whenever I meet someone who is veg-curious and wants to learn more, I always recommend that they follow her Facebook page. Her daily posts are so heartfelt and beautifully written, I’ve often thought they should be compiled and made into a book! Everything Linda does is motivated by her desire to help others stop hurting animals, and her work is marked by her educational, kind, and compassionate manner.

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