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Linda Grant and Rubi Madrone, Mo’ Mamas Childcare Center

Linda Grant and Rubi Madrone are the founders of Mo’ Mamas Childcare Center in Oakland, California.

Although West Oakland’s neighborhoods have a high concentration of youth, there are few opportunities for low-income children to congregate in a nurturing, kid-centered environment, away from the street corners and empty lots, which are littered with trash and dirty needles.

Mo’ Mamas Childcare Center strives to fill these gaps, nurturing children’s creativity and curiosity through play, culture, and organic gardening. Operating in partnership with Qilombo and the Afrika Town Community Garden, the Center provides donation-based child care to low income families in West Oakland’s McClymonds District.

Through their 2015 summertime and after school programs, Linda, Ruby, and other volunteers will introduce youth to the joys of growing organic food. Childrens’ time will be split between garden classes, cultural projects and playtime in an environment that encourages creativity and social engagement.

Linda states, “I want to create opportunities for children to learn about and celebrate their heritage, particularly as people of Afrikan and Indigenous decent. I want to create a social environment that encourages them to love and care for themselves and others.”

For more information, please visit the Qilombo Community Center’s website.

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 16, 2015

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