Lily Levin, Triangle People Power - Project to Stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Lily Levin – Project to Stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Our goal is to bus in students from North Carolina counties directly affected by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) to rally alongside them against this destructive project. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper recently released an ambitious executive order to reduce greenhouse gases by 40% in 2025, which is not feasible with the continued construction of the ACP. Additionally, the ACP further disenfranchises low-income communities of color.

We’ll meet with the governor, rally outside of Halifax mall, and finally, lobby to our representatives for a clean path act – probably in January. Those of us who do not live in these areas are not trying to exploit other voices; rather, put those on the front lines at the forefront of this movement. We recognize our privilege. Additionally, environmental justice work hugely intersects indigenous rights and racial equity.