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Lilian Nyakio, Rise Up

Lilian Nyakio is the founder of Rise Up, a project in Githurai, Kenya that uplifts impoverished single-mothers by providing them with the training to become successful artisans and craft-makers.

Growing up in Githurai, Lilian was the child of a single-mother who struggled to provide for her family. After finishing her education at the local University, Lilian dedicated herself to empowering women in her community facing similar challenges.

Many of Githurai’s single-mothers lack marketable skills or job training, leaving them with few income options other than prostitution. Unfortunately, because mothers often serve as role models for their children, many local youth grow up to face the same challenges as their parents.

Through her project, Lilian is helping to break the cycle of poverty and desperation by providing local women with professional jewelry making classes and mentorship programs, as well as linking them with micro-finance institutions. Lilian’s program has already successfully helped 5 local women establish their own businesses, and over the course of the next year she will expand the program to include 30 new participants from the area.

GRANT AWARD DATE: September 5, 2015

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