Richardnewton Musomerwa - Fruit Tree Seedling Project

LIHO Youth Organization – Fruit Tree Seedling Project

Date grant awarded: 01/02/2018

Fruit Tree Seedling Project, located in Buwenge Jinja-Uganda, is an income generating initiative that will enable Live with Hope (LIHO) Organization be able to sustain the activities of their Juvenile Justice Advocate program. Started by Richardnewton Musomerwa and Aketch Mariam, the program helps children age 12-17 years who have committed minor offences such as affray, common assault, criminal trespass, theft etc. be diverted from the formal legal system and taken through local council system at a community level with the aim of. The project helps these juveniles survive the trauma of the whole criminal justice system and focuses on restoring their relationships with their parents, reintegrating them into the community, and avoiding the stigma of conviction/sentence and court records in their lives and the related court expenses that would be incurred by their parents/guardians. Funds from this project also help us meet some basic needs of these children especially during the counseling and rehabilitation period.