Life is Delicious, Diane Callaway – Delaware Veg-Fest

Diane Callaway is the founder of Life is Delicious, located in Delaware. They are a Community Health Outreach Initiative that provides educational programming to underserved communities. Inspired by a cancer diagnosis that her mother received in 1991 and later died as a result of the diagnosis, Diane believes that cancer education is as valuable, if not more so than, cancer research. Their team provides free whole food plant-based nutrition education, along with cooking demonstrations so that families will gain a newfound relationship with healthy food choices.

Degenerative diseases have escalated within the last 10 years due to our nations factory farming system, the increase of sugar consumption, and especially the lack of nutrition education. Obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease, and some cancers can be improved with proper nutrition. Some of these diseases can be reversed and others can be prevented according to the latest evidence-based research. “Our team provides multiple hours of training to educate people about living a healthy lifestyle.

My intention is to continue to share this powerful message that ‘We don’t have to be sick’. With accurate information, a support system, a willingness to be open to change, we can transition to our best life now!”