Leonardo Párraga - Re- sistance -Cycle

Leonardo Párraga – Re-Sistance-Cycle

Date grant awarded: 08/16/2017

Vulnerable communities in Bogotá, Colombia are usually invisible and unheard by the State. Kept in the dark, they experience violations of their rights and dignity. Using the arts as an element of social cohesion, the community is brought together, providing La Cecilia neighborhood with visibility through colors and a voice through powerful messages on a wall. The BogotArt team and the Casa de Lluvia de Ideas are using documentary and movie screenings, public space art, and upcycling workshops to turn a marginalized hotspot into a cultural hub, thus strengthening the local resilience, resistance, and recycling as key elements of their identity. By co-creating in conjunction with the community strategies to manage its territory, the Project Re-Sistance-Cycle generates local capacities, higher participation, and community engagement to protect their local environment and counteract unfair policies of eviction.