Lakshman Ravi - Animals Water Bowl Project (AWBP)

Lakshman Molleti – Animals Water Bowl Project (AWBP) INDIA

Like humans, water is a basic necessity for all animals. Stray animals in India suffer from various health challenges like dehydration, skin infections, viral infections and death because of the unavailability of drinking water. If we are able to provide these animals with healthier surroundings, they will be less prone to diseases, which, in turn, will provide us with a healthier environment to live in. This led to the initiation of the Animals Water Bowl Project (AWBP) India.

AWBP India’s goal is to ensure that every stray animal gets safe drinking water around the clock, throughout the year. TPP funds will be used for water bowl distribution to more animal lovers and to establish education programs in schools, colleges, corporate offices and public places.

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