Lakot Jennifer and Ongom Andrew, Community Art Workshop Project

Date grant awarded: 1/27/2017

Uganda is a young country, and unemployment hits young people in Uganda especially hard. For Jimmy Amone, a member of the East Africa Hub, initiatives which allow young people to support themselves and their communities are a vital part of building a stronger future for the country.

In a small rural community in Lamw District, Ongom Andrew and Lakot Jennifer saw a way to use their skills in crafting unique objects from sawdust to help others generate income while learning new skills. Not only do the group make beautiful objects, but they can source their materials for free and are using a natural waste product!

Jimmy visited the group and produced this video which shows the objects they craft. He chose them to receive a flow fund because he thinks that they are both helping youth in their region and serving as a model to other youth.