Participants from Kishoka Youth Organization pose

Kishoka Youth Organization and Maulidi Mwinyikai, Environmental Clean Up and Justice

In Likoni, Kenya, plastic bags and bottles litter the sides of roads, taking away from the natural landscape. To best conquer this environmental concern, Kishoka Youth Organization is creating an Environmental Clean Up and Justice program where they will make Eco Blocks to then be used as building materials.

Kishoka aims to empower the community on issues that affect them in being a conscious global citizen and ways to protect the Earth. They believe that in order to attain sustainable livelihoods and lead responsible and dignified lifestyles, the community members in Likoni would benefit from collecting plastic bags and bottles and reusing them as building materials to construct benches, tables, garbage bins, flower beds and perimeters in schools and various institutions.

With help from The Pollination Project, Kishoka Youth Organization will be able to purchase supplemental construction materials used in building the structures and will be able to organize outreaches and focus group discussions leading to knowledge sharing among the community. The participants will also be sensitized about the environmental dangers of plastic and how they can take this existing environmental catastrophe and turn it into something great for the community.

“What inspires us the most is our future and if this lifestyle of plastics continues at this rate then we will have no plants and animals on Earth. We know plastic is cheap and do not decompose easily but its a big threat to the whole world. That is why we want to reuse them because it will take time to stop the plastic distribution in this world.”