Kintu Godfrey, Kityerera Disabled Association

East Africa Team Member Fred Batale is an advocate for people with disabilities in Uganda. While meeting with a community worker, he learned about the work being done by Kintu Godfrey and the Kityrera Disabled Association in Kityrera, Uganda. After visiting the project, he has chosen to support their work with a flow fund grant.

For many people with disabilities in Uganda, generating enough income to live is an ongoing struggle. it is hard for many people with disabilities to complete their education and so employment opportunities are difficult to find.

Despite facing these challenges himself, Kintu Godfrey managed to start and run several businesses. Having gained skills during his time as a businessman, he realized that he had the opportunity to help many other people with disabilities gain similar experience.

Together with 10 other community members, he plans to open up a local food store which processes the staple regional crop of maize into Posho, a porridge-like starch. The project will be self-sustaining and will help provide a livelihood for community members who currently struggle to get by.