Kenneth Capron, Memory Works

Memory Works, Kenneth CarponKen Capron is a former CPA, Microsoft Engineer whose career ended 10 years ago when he received a dementia diagnosis.  Ken noted that his home, the State of Maine, has significant shortages of geriatric care doctors and home care providers supporting people with dementia.  Ken adds, “the most challenging is the issue of raising awareness of the illnesses that make up dementia. The stigma of that word, of getting a dementia-related diagnosis, won’t go away easily. But it is unquestionably a roadblock to early detection and treatment of this category of disease.”

With the leadership of Donna Beveridge (another person with a demential diagnosis), they started the first “Memory Cafés” in Maine. The Memory Café is a social gathering of people- patients, caregivers, providers – who have a connection with dementia … and many questions about what is happening, what to expect, what has worked for others and what is next.

Ken is now taking it to the next level.  Despite his diagnoses, he is building a solutions-focused organization with advisors from every sector of the Dementia Care community – patients, family members, caregivers, nurses, doctors, elder-care lawyers, media members, technology experts, activities specialists, therapists – every sector.  He says, “So far, everyone we have invited has said ‘Yes’ loudly and clearly.”  The team behind him is growing and expanding, and they are ready to formalize their nonprofit standing.  Pollination Project funds will be used to support MemoryWorks securing its 501c3 status.