Little Oak Sanctuary

Kate Luke of Little Oak Sanctuary – Be The Change booklets – the sequel

Little Oak Sanctuary exists to help animals directly, through our rescue work, but also indirectly through advocacy. The impact we are striving for is planting seeds of compassion in the hearts of the public. Through sharing information about animals, about how they are all individuals and how they have the same capacity to suffer or experience joy or sadness as you or I, and empowering people with the information about how to make choices that are kind to animals, the planet and their health, we hope that people will align their actions with the values of non violence that most people already hold in their hearts. Our booklets offer a concise way to present the story of an individual animal who lives at Little Oak Sanctuary, using this as a lead in to explore the issues that each species face and what alternatives there are to using that type of animal and their products.

We are passionate advocates for animals and for a more compassionate world in general. Our work allows us to make connections with people that empower them to make decisions that align with their own values of non violence. As a small sanctuary, we know that the number of animals we can assist directly is limited, but the number of animals we can help through making connections with hearts and minds is immense.

The initial seed grant from The Pollination Project allowed us to create a series of booklets that told the stories of Ginger the Hen, Chris the Sheep, James Brown the Steer, Tiger the Pig, and Audrey the Goat. We were able to address issues including egg production, hatching projects, birds bred for their meat, how ducks are farmed without water, the dairy industry, how pigs are farmed, why sheep need shearing now and what’s wrong with wool, the issues around goat farming, goats used in research and for their fleece. Along with this we were able to present facts about the impact of animal agriculture on the environment and our health, and overarching ethical reasons about the use of animals in general. Each booklet also contained useful tips on alternatives and even vegan recipes in most instances. These booklets have proven to be immensely popular and the feedback has been tremendous, without the contribution from TPP we would not have been able to fund these booklets and we are extremely grateful.

Receiving this larger follow up award will allow us to create second versions of all of our booklets. These are really important as we will be able to incorporate feedback received into the new versions and refine the content for maximum effectiveness. As a completely volunteer run organisation that relies entirely on donations to run, the majority of our funds are used for the direct care of animals at the sanctuary, as such finding funds to create advocacy programs can be challenging – as this is an integral part of what our sanctuary does we are really grateful to once again have the support of The Pollination Project to help us continue to bring our message of compassion for all to the public!