Katasha Davis; Co-Leads Gill, Doug, Mark – Turning Pointe Youth Initiative, SC

Katasha Davis, Founder, and her team founded Turning Pointe Youth Initiative to identify untraditional ways to bridge gaps between youth and parents by creating engaging learning activities that brings about open communication. Through this work, youth hear their own voices and discover ways to articulate feelings and emotions during moderated groups amongst other activities. The project raises awareness and breaks the cycle of myths that parents oftentimes have about youth today.

This project helps expose character enhancements while finding creative avenues for successful family bonding. At its core is providing a space for self empowerment as a family nucleus. The volunteer staff working on this project were inspired to give back, after seeing many youth fall through the cracks as a result of not having accessed the right people or right tools to make the molding of the family happen.

The project provides many diverse and no cost activities for the community youth, including hiking adventures, zoo trips, and vision board classes. Support from The Pollination Project will allow Katasha and her team to continue funding the activities that have been a huge community success.