Kari Jackson Bongnda, Sustainable Agriculture in Cameroon

Kari Jackson Bongnda is an agro-forestry technician, community development volunteer, and the founder and coordinator of Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV Cameroon), a nongovernmental organization whose goal is to bring sustainable development initiatives to communities in Cameroon.

In the past, Kari has helped educate communities on the techniques of agro-forestry, training 17 farming groups in 5 different villages across Cameroon. In Cameroon, many agriculturalists employ techniques that result in soil depletion and overall environmental degradation.

SURUDEV’s most recent project aims to provide 30 impoverished rural widows and unemployed youths in the Bongom village with the knowledge and resources to implement sustainable methods of agricultural development on  their own farms and orchards. Throughout 2015, participants will receive training as well as receive materials for starting their own gardens. Additionally, Kari and other volunteers will plant over 500 trees to be used as natural fencing on the land.

Kari hopes to use the project’s success as a medium for educating even more locals on the techniques of sustainable agricultural development.

For more information, please visit SURUDEV’s website.

GRANT AWARD DATE: May 29, 2015