Kids at a table learning to sell items

Kara Nelson; Kanita Brown – Klub M.E.

Many students have no thoughts about their future. In this global and evolving economy, it is critical that our children develop skills to create and execute their own ideas by adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. In this program students will learn about the Free Enterprise System. They will work in groups or as individuals to create a business, formulate a budget, develop a product, and execute advertising. Klub M.E. will culminate with a Marketplace Day where students can showcase their businesses as well as sell their products to fellow participants, community members, and parents. Finally, participants will learn the importance of impacting their community by donating a portion of their profits to the charity of their choice.

Maximum Exposure is founded by a family of educators and entrepreneurs. We have years of experience working with children and parents in under-served communities. In our experience students don’t see a purpose to what they are supposed to be learning in school. They are going through school with little passion because they don’t have a vision for their future. These students need opportunities to discover their talents and passions, and then to develop skills needed to be productive, successful members of the community. We have witnessed the lack of similar programs and resources to support enriching life experiences. We believe that some of this country’s brightest minds are hidden in communities that don’t promote success. These students need a chance to flourish . We want to help them reach their potential. Though we have faced our share of obstacles in securing partners, participants and funding, we are determined to provide these opportunities to those most in need.

Since receiving the TPP grant we launched our program with 17 students. They completed a 12-week program where they worked in groups to complete a business plan for a product/service, formulated a budge and executed advertisement. The TPP funds allowed us to provide the students with foundation and tools to understanding the Free Enterprise System. The number of participants exceeded our expectations. They formed 4 different groups that did everything from sell toys to provide babysitting services.

Our goal is to provide students in under-served communities with enriched educational opportunities beyond the classroom through academic support and enrichment programming. Our program aims to help students discover their passions and talents and to use them on their journey to success. We also strive to present workshops that give our parents tools to support students as they develop skills needed to be productive and successful members of their communities. This TPP impact grant will allow us to expand the format of our programming to reach more students and to include parents.

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