Kaganga John, the Half + Half 1000 Acre Community Forest Project

Kaganga John is a rural farmer living and working in Uganda’s rural Mityana District. Over the past decade, Kaganga has witnessed a rapid increase in regional poverty, food instability, and environmental devastation due to growing population pressures, shifting climates, and prolonged drought.

Through the Half + Half 1000 Acre Community Forest Project, Kaganga is employing an innovative, holistic strategy to help to fortify Mityana’s communities against the ecological effects of global climate change while teaching local agriculturalists strategies for reducing their impact on the environment.

Over the next year, Kaganga will organize advocacy workshop and public dialogues, throughout Mityana to devise strategies for mitigating the effects of global climate change while stressing the importance of sustainable agriculture to the future of regional stability. In addition, Kaganga will organize outreach to small-scale farmers in order to promote the use of crop rotation systems that allow small parcels of land to lie fallow and regenerate.

Kaganga explains, “This initiative will lead to sustainable agriculture, food security, reduced soil erosion, stable rainfall patterns, stable income, and alternative uses of forested lands that will positively impact all of Uganda and Africa.”