The team behind Adriatic Cup; Etumu (top left), Julie (top right), Lucia (bottom left), Emma (bottom center) and Maria (bottom right).

Julie Tilling Niemann and Emma Blessing – Adriatic Cup

UWC Adriatic Alumnae Emma Blessing from the United States and Julie Tilling Nieman from Denmark are working on the project, Adriatic Cup. Together they will be working with girls aged 12 to 18 year in rural parts of the Limpopo region of South Africa, facilitating workshops in schools focused on women’s empowerment.

They were inspired to do this project from their own work with menstrual cups in their school, able to see first hand the empowering effect on their peers. Many girls must miss school because they are not financially able to buy the needed menstrual products. Each girl that attends a workshop will be provided with a menstrual cup, ensuring a safe, economical, and environmentally friendly menstruation for the next 10 years.