Judah David and other four young people during one of my computer lesson with them

Judah David – Stop and Learn Cafe

Thousands of children are taught computer as a subject in many schools across Nigeria, however many have never seen or touched a computer in their life. This has left them incapacitated and underproductive as compared to their counterparts living in the city.

Over 85% of jobs in the country today require basic computer skills and knowledge for employment eligibility. It is unfortunate that most state schools, which make up more than 80% of schools in the country, either lack adequate basic equipment and infrastructure needed to teach, and hence offer just the theoretical aspect of it, leaving practice to chance.

Stop and Learn Cafe will provide children in undeserved communities with accessibility to quality ICT training. This will enhance their learning, as they will not only have a theoretical knowledge but also have the ability to touch, feel and put into practice what they are been taught. This means once they venture to the city, they will be able to compete with their counterparts.