John Kaganga, Community Innovation Resource Center

John Kaganga is long time community leader and one of our first grantees in Uganda. Kaganga had a vision to start the first computer lab and resource center for his remote community, Kikandwa. Prior to creating the resource center, people had to walk over 4 hours or drive over an hour to reach the nearest public computer. At the time, fewer than 1% of the population of 9000 had any type of computer literacy. With the initial Pollination Project Grant, Kaganga, along with Geofrey Kizito and Alexander Seruzi, created the Community Innovation Resource Center and now over 60% of the population is served and receiving courses on everything from research to data entry.

The Center is part of one of the many efforts from Kikandwa Environmrental Association (KEA). KEA is composed of community leaders and elders who have come together to support rural farmers in being financially and environmentally sustainable by creating resources and exchanging ideas to further their community as a whole.

Geofrey and Alexander, two full-time volunteers who oversee much of the management of the Center were proud to announce the first class of graduates from their computer classes. The graduates boast that they went from having very few employment options, to now being employed in administrative fields.

In addition to computers and setting up a small library, the small team was able begin hooking up their computer lab to the internet. This is a long and expensive process given how far they are from the nearest connection point, but The Pollination Project impact grant and the team’s determination is going to help this computer lab become a fully functioning hot spot. In addition to connecting the computer lab to the world wide web, the impact grant will be used for further operational expenses such as space rental costs, supplies and computers.

GRANT AWARD DATE: 2014 Impact Grant