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John Chege Kinyanjui, A Hundred Foundation Resource Center

John Chege Kinyanjui, the founder of  A Hundred Foundation, states, “Education is vital to building respect for the worth, dignity and equality of every individual in our diverse society.” It is with this mindset that he has dedicated himself to developing a resource center in Kiambu, Kenya, to help with youth unemployment.

There is currently no public learning facility in town that allows this young generation to educate themselves about ways to achieve a successful future. John is striving to offer a center filled with knowledge and resources where youth can develop stimulating conversations that will lead to insightful discussions and learning opportunities. With help from The Pollination Project, John will be able to provide computers equipped with Internet and printing services that will foster a healthy learning environment.

John, being a youth himself, recognizes that when youth are exposed to an increased level of learning opportunities, they become a fortified force to be active change agents in society. It is the youth of this community that will be the foundation for transformation, breaking cycles of poverty and empowering their community to develop a way forward. The missing pieces are the knowledge and skills, which this resource center will answer.

“Education is the gateway to opportunity. All people have the human and civil right to a quality higher education that develops their potential, independence and character.”

For more information about A Hundred Foundation, visit their website.


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