Joan Namale with a group of young boys

Joan, Sarah, Rachael – Sewing for Better Livelihoods

Sewing for Better Livelihoods is an initiate started by Joan Namale in Nansana, Uganda, aimed at equipping mothers and teenage girls with the skills to to become self-sustaining individuals, both economically and socially. Joan and her team envision a world where every person can be what they want to be without the worries of struggling to survive the day to day. They believe that equipping mothers with the necessary skills will enable them earn income, thus providing the basic needs of the family with or without the husband’s support.

Joan shares that her inspiration comes from the huge gap between the rich and the poor in Uganda, with a majority of the people in her area not able to afford two meals a day. “I believe, with the right opportunities, everyone can achieve their dreams.” Funds from The Pollination Project will allow her to purchase sewing machines and fabric to use for the training workshops.